Walking Dress for Male and Female, March 1807

Le Beau Monde, March 1807.

“Morning Walking Dresses for Ladies & Gentlemen for March 1807”

The General Observations mention the mildness of the spring, yet this gentleman is wearing what looks to be a heavy greatcoat. It is also interesting that his boots are called half-boots, even though they look like Hessians that almost reach the knee.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Fig. No. 1.–A MORNING WALKING DRESS for Gentlemen is composed of a dark brown superfine cloth great coat, ends of the collar in the front cut into a heart; dark blue under coat only visible in front; toillinette waistcoat blue striped with a white and yellow ground; fawn coloured pantaloons, and half boots.

“Fig. No. 2.– AN ELEGANT WALKING DRESS is a straw gypsy hat, tied down with a white silk or a rich half lace handkerchief; a muslin gown, ornamented with knotted work crossing the shoulder, to correspond with the bottom of the dress. The body is made quite plain to draw round the bosom, and fulled in the back to imitate the frock waist, with a light yellow sarsnet or camel hair scarf richly drapered at the ends with various colours; the scarf is worn so that the dress may be exposed, tastefully tied with a careless knot in front. Lilac gloves and half boots made of kid, a beautiful white down muff, adds much to the elegance and splendour of this much admired Walking Spring Dress.”

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