Walking Dress, March 1809

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, March 1809.

“Walking Dress.”

Only the pelisse is described for this print, not the dress underneath. But one could have worn almost any dress with this pelisse, which is the star of this ensemble, especially with its silvery cloth trimmed in gold.

Note the sweet little reticule.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A polish cap, and pelisse of silver grey cloth, trimmed with gold or silver, buttoned down the front with small round buttons, a high collar, with a lace ruff; boots of same colour as the pelisse, and both embroidered with gold or silver. York tan gloves.

“This dress was transmitted to a lady of high rank from Warsaw, and would alone evince the taste and elegance of the ladies of that country, were they not already sufficiently known.”

In the General Observations of fashion for this month, the following statement is given:

“We have the pleasure to inform our fair readers, that the fashions for the present month have been again furnished by Madame Lanchester, whose taste and elegance stand so high in the estimation of the fashionable world.”

If you browse through these collections, you will find many dresses designed by the famous Madame Lanchester.


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