Evening and Walking Dresses, January 1806

Fashions of London and Paris, January 1806.


The dress on the left is named in the description as a morning dress. Clearly, it is an outdoor dress, therefore a morning walking dress. I love that the white beaver hat is patterned after a man’s top hat.

An interesting note on the evening dress is that the tucker is fastened with a brooch in the back. I suspect a back fastening was often the case, but we seldom see the backs of dresses, so I hadn’t thought of it.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

Fig. 1.–A morning dress of long cloath, with robings [ie a robe, or outerdress] fastened to the shoulders, which hang loose to the bottom; the dress made to button close over the bosom, and high in the neck, with a collar, which is trimmed with a puffing of muslin; long sleeves. Hat of white or grey beaver. Swansdown tippet.

“Fig. 2.–A short dress [ie overdress] of plain or worked muslin over a long train [ie underdress with train] of the same, the dress open behind, and trimmed all round with white lace; the body plain, with a lace tucker fastened to the back of the dress with a brooch; the sleeves very short, and looped up with white cord and tassels. The hair dressed and ornamented with a large comb. White kid gloves and shoes.”


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