Evening Dress, August 1811

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, August, 1811.

“Evening Dress.”

This ensemble has a rather flattering silhouette, emphasizing the bosom and slimming the waist.

The “fan of carved ivory” described below would have looked something like this one.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A Grecian round robe, with demi-train, of fine Indian muslin or Italian crape, trimmed with silk or silver fringe; a Circassian sleeve, and bosom finished à la chemise. A Roman tunic of Sardinian blue satin, confined with correspondent cord and silver buttons in front. A neck-chain and locket of silver filigree or pearl, with ear-rings and bracelets en suite. Hair worn flat, waving in curls on the forehead, and confined behind with a row of twisted pearl; the same placed across the front. An occasional scarf, or cloak, of threaded lace. White satin slippers, with silver clasps. Gloves of white French kid, and fan of carved ivory.”

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