Evening Dress, February 1815

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, February, 1815.

“Evening Dress”

This is one of my favorite Ackermann prints. I adore the dress – simple, yet elegant – the hairdo, and the big, beautiful shawl, so striking against the pale yellow dress. And the gorgeous face, with that lovely patrician nose. This is Ackermann’s at its best.

Note that she is wearing pale pink gloves. This is very unusual, as most evening gloves were white or sometimes pale yellow.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Pale pink or primrose-coloured crape petticoat over white satin, ornamented at the feet with a deep border of tull, trimmed with blon lace and pink or primrose-coloured ribband festooned and decorated with roses; short full sleeves, composed of tull and crape, with a border of French embroidery; the back drawn nearly to a point, corresponding to the cape front of the dress, and trimmed round woth blond lace; the waist very short, and an easy fullness of the petticoat, carried entirely round. Necklace and drop of pearl; ear-drops and bracelets to correspond. Hair in irregular curls, confined in the Eastern style, and blended with flowers. French scarf, fancifully disposed on the figure. Slippers of pink or primrose-coloured kid; gloves to correspond.

“For the fashions for this month we are indebted to the tasteful and elegant designs of Mrs. Bean, of Albemarle Street.”

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