Evening Dresses, December 1801

Lady’s Monthly Museum, December 1801.

“Evening Dresses for Dec. 1801”

The early years of this magazine included original prints, but they are somewhat clumsy in execution. Within a few years, their prints are copied from other magazines, both French and British, and those copies are more elegantly rendered. But this was an inexpensive little magazine, and the hand-colored prints were never as beautifully engraved and colored as those in its more expensive competitors.

I have to say that the headdress on the left composed of scarlet and purple is a rather bold and wonderful fashion statement.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Fig. 3.–A white satin cap, trimmed with lace; a wreath and strings of pearls. A dress of white muslin; the sleeves enriched with silver spangles and wreaths of pearl; on the breast a pearl broche; the neck trimmed with a broad lace frill, and the waist fastened with a pearl buckle and a white satin riband. Shoes of white satin, and gloves of white silk net.

“Fig. 4– A head dress of scarlet and purple velvet, trimmed with silver lace, feather, and twist. The dress lilac persian, trimmed with white; the sleeves composed of white satin points, bound with lilac riband. The shoes white satin.”

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