Evening Dresses, July 1808

Fashions of London and Paris, July 1808.

“Evening Dresses”

The silver embroidered bits on the left figure are picked out in silver metallic paint on the print. Though it is difficult to tell online, it really sparkles in person.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Fig. 1.–A plain round dress of lilac or pink sarsnet, with a tunic of white crape, embroidered with silver; The body [ie bodice] made quite close to the shape; the sleeves very short, and rather full, with embroidered tops to correspond with the bottom of the dress. A Spanish hat, the colour of the dress, ornamented with feathers. White gloves and shoes.

“Fig. 2.–A plain slip of apple-blossom silk, covered with a dress made of alternate stripes of lace and muslin; the body [ie bodice] made quite plain; the back very low, and quite square; the sleeves short, with lace let in the correspond with the dress. A cap of white satin and lace; the right side finished with a long end, and trimmed all round with Vandyked lace. White shoes and gloves.”

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