Full Dress, February 1799

Fashions of London and Paris, February 1799.

“London Full Dress”

Full Dress February 1799This magazine was only the second British publication (after the Gallery of Fashion) devoted entirely to fashion. It was published from 1798 through 1810. Unlike the Gallery of Fashion (a large, expensive magazine with an exclusive subscriber list that included the Queen) this small inexpensive magazine served a less affluent audience. The hand-colored prints are not as fine as those from some of the more expensive magazines, but I find them charming.

This Grecian-inspired dress reflects the Neoclassical movement in art and design at this time. Simple draped designs in soft, flowing fabrics referenced the styles seen in ancient Greek and Roman sculpture.

It’s difficult to see online, but all the silver bits are rendered in bright metallic silver paint.

This print is described in the magazine as follows:

“This elegant dress is one of the many approved designs of Mrs. Le Brun, to whose politeness we are indebted for the opportunity of presenting it to the public. It consists of white muslin, trimmed all round with crimson and silver. Sash of crimson velvet, tied in a loose bow on one side and trimmed to correspond. Cap of crimson velvet, with silver ornaments.”


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