Full Dresses, January 1800

Fashions of London and Paris, January 1800.

“London Full Dresses, January 1800.”

Both dresses are described as being worn with a corset. At this time, the term corset typically referred to a close-fitting sleeveless bodice. The under-garments we associate with the term corset were called stays.

It is interesting to see a muff worn with an evening full dress, as it is more typically worn with an outdoor walking dress. But it is January, after all, and would have helped the lady stay warm.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“”Fig. 1.–White muslin round dress with long train, trimmed all round with brown satin ribband ornamented with chenille. White crape corset trimmed in the same manner. Velvet hat, with blue feather affixed on the left side and falling over to the front. Silver bear or white muff.

“Fig. 2.–White muslin round dress as in the foregoing. Sicilian corset made of coquelecot velvet and trimmed with chenille. The arabian sleeve, made of muslin and lace, and tied at the bottom with a beau of ribband. Black velvet cap, trimmed with coquelecot ribband, with coquelecot feather [left unpainted white in this print].”

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