Full Dresses, March 1803

Fashions of London and Paris, March 1803.

“London Full Dresses, March 1803.”

The sleeves of both dresses look as though they are part of the underdress, but as they are described as made of satin, perhaps they are indeed attached to the overdress.

Love the “handkerchief” wrapped around the head of the figure on the right. That pop of red in the stripe is a nice touch. And the hairdo on the left figure is fabulous, what I think of as pure Regency style.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Fig. 1.–A round dress of yellow silk or muslin; the back made plain, and very low on the shoulders, with a small frill of white lace at the bottom of the back; plain sleeves of white satin, with full yellow epaulettes, trimmed with lace.

“Fig. 2.–A dress of blue muslin, made low and full over the bosom; a half handkerchief, of patent net or lace, fastened on the shoulders, and drawn full over the bosom; full sleeves of white satin or sarcenet. Pearl necklace. An embroidered handkerchief twisted round the head, with one end falling over the right shoulder; a blue feather, fixed on the right side, so as to fall over the left.”

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