Morning Dress, August 1813

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, August 1813.

“Walking Dress”

The description below describes the pelisse as lemon-coloured,” yet in all the copies of this print I have seen (I own 2 copies) the pelisse is shown as white. Only the ribbons around the waist and and on the cap are yellow. Indoor morning dresses, or “domestic costumes,” were almost always entirely white, so I suspect the instructions to the colorists followed that tradition, either ignoring or correcting the text in the magazine.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“MORNING OR DOMESTIC COSTUME. A petticoat of jaconet of cambric muslin, with a Cossack coat, or three-quartered pelisse, of lemon-coloured sarsnet, with vandyke Spanish border of a deeper shade. Full sleeves, confined at the waist [sic: wrist] with a broad elastic gold bracelet; confined, also at the bottom of the waist, with a ribband en suite. Foundling cap of lace, with full double border in front, confined under the chin with a ribband the colour of the pelisse, and tied on one side: a bunch of variegated carnations placed on the left side. Gloves and Roman slippers of lemon-coloured kid.”


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