Morning Dress, January 1814

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, January 1814.

“Morning Dress”

This is clearly an indoor morning dress meant for wearing at home, which puts in the the category of “undress,” meaning casual wear. Dresses worn as undress were made to be comfortable. Everything about this dress speaks to comfort: it is loose, fitting somewhat tightly only at the bosom. Even the cap is loose and floppy.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A round robe of plain jaconet muslin, with spencer bodice, and rounded falling collar, edged with lace or needle-work; the same ornamenting the bottom of the dress. A loose robe pelisse of India muslin, thrown quite open in front, trimmed entirely round with a full gathered border or muslin or lace; the back confined at the bottom with a lemon-coloured ribband, brought round the waist, and tied in bows and ends in front. The Flushing mob cap, composed entirely of lace, ornamented with lemon-coloured ribband, with also confines it under the chin. A small rosary and cross of amber, twisted round the wrist, and a broach of the same the dress at the throat. Slippers and gloves of lemon-coloured kid.”

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