Morning Walking or Carriage Dress, December 1812

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, December 1812.

“Morning Dress.”

Much of the description below describes the mantle, but there is no mention of what looks to be a pink spencer jacket beneath the mantle.

It is also interesting that the mention of a fur muff, not shown in this print, is said to be gaining in popularity. And yet if you browse through my prints of walking dresses, you will see large muffs have been featured for over 15 years prior to this print.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“MORNING OR CARRIAGE COSTUME. A white cambric round robe, with long full sleeves, stomacher front, and full ruff round the throat. A Russian mantle of pale fawn-coloured cloth or velvet, with capes of the same; trimmed entirely round with angola trimming fur, or full feathered border; and lined with rose-coloured sarsnet, tied in front of the throat, with a ribbon of correspondent colour. A traveller’s hat, composed of fawn-coloured and rose velvet, with curled ostrich feathers on one side. The hair divided in front of the forehead, and disposed in full curls on each temple. Half-boots, or Grecian slippers, of fawn-coloured jean or kid. Gloves of lemon cololur or York tan. With this dress it is sometimes fashionable to adopt the muff of silver bear or blue fox. This very comfortable and useful article is making great advances toward a fashionable celebrity. Muffs and tippets of the same will be considered a genteel and appropriate appendage to the sarsnet pelisse, as also to the velvet and cloth coats. Velvet hunting caps, trimmed with fur to correspond, are among the present fashionable novelties, and are at once both becoming and seasonal.”

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