Pocket Case with Silver Spangles

Pocket case, or pocket book, English c1780, 6″ x 3 ¼”.

This envelope-style purse is made of ribbed blue silk decorated with silver spangles. Closed, it has a flap that at one point had a button or snap to keep it closed. Underneath the flap you can see part of a basket decoration. Though the body of the purse is soft, the flap is reinforced with a light cardboard.

The back of the closed purse, below, shows the full basket decoration. Both outer sides show some fading of the blue silk, and some missing spangles. But it still looks pretty great for something over 230 years old!

Open, as seen below, the case shows the blue silk in a much less faded state. The spangles are also brighter. It must have quite gorgeous when it was new, and seems a shame to have hidden it in a pocket. The lining is ivory-colored silk, seen clearly on the underside of the flap. In the center of the top blue section, you can see where the original snap was. The top of each blue section opens to a pocket, where one would place letters, cards, bank notes, and other flat items.

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