Promenade Dress, July 1812

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, July 1812.

“Promenade Dress.”

The “waggoner’s sleeve” and “cottage vest” suggest a simple rural costume, yet this is anything but. The fabrics and trimmings are all upscale and costly.

Note the position of the parasol. Seldom is an unopened parasol shown with its point on the ground. It is almost always held by the top, often with a loop to hold it on the wrist.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A round high robe of fine cambric or jaconet muslin, with waggoner’s sleeves, and high, full-gathered collar. A cottage vest, of light green or lemon-coloured sarsnet, laced in front of the bosom with silk cord, and trimmed round with broad thread lace; the vest left unconfined at the bottom of the waist. A Highland helmet, composed of the same materials as the vest, with long square veil of white lace. A rosary and cross of the coquilla nut. Half-boots of pale green kid. Parasol of the same colour, with deep white silk awning. Gloves of buff-coloured kid.”

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