Walking Dress, May 1809

La Belle Assemblée, May 1809.

“Walking Dress in April 1809.”

I’m not sure what makes the spencer Spanish, as it is called in the description below, but it is quite striking. The description says it should be puce or black velvet, but I much prefer the colorist’s decision to make it blue.

The description does not mention the fob attached at the waist, in imitation of a gentleman’s watch fob. It looks like a gold watch connected by a gold chain to a pair of seals or other type of fob.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“WALKING OR CARRIAGE COSTUME. A fine cambric round gown, with high collar, finished with needlework and scolloped lace; a corespondent trimming round the bottom of the dress. A Spanish spenser of black or puce-colored velvet, edged with gold lace. A waistcoat or wrap front of marble or leopard satin, with collar the same as the spenser, edged also with gold lace. The Vigonian helmet, or Patriotic bonnet, composed of the same materials; the bonnet edged with gold lace, and the crown crossed with gold cord, terminating on one side with a cone tassel. Hoop earrings of wrought gold; necklace of variegated amber; gloves, York-tan, and half boots of tea-colored kid, laced with black cord.”

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