Walking Dress, September 1811

La Belle Assemblée, September 1811.

“Walking Dress.”

Although this is not quite a fashion disaster, it comes close. The lampshade bonnet is just wrong. Among my 100s of prints I can find no other cone-shaped hat, so we can assume this style did not take off.

Also, the long ribbon suspended from the shoulder through which the scarf is looped is also just weird. The dress itself, especially the trimming at the hemline, is quite pretty. So, not a total disaster.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A large French bonnet, composed of fine India muslin; the crown in the cone form, finished on the top with a bow of lace, trimmed round the face with a deep full frill of Mechlin lace, and lined throughout with a a bright sea-green sarsnet. A short round dress of India jacconot muslin, cut round at the bosom, and ornamented round the bottom with a worked border, edged with small tucks. A short round French coat in green sarsnet, falling back from the shoulder, trimmed round the arm hokes with lace, confine at the waist with Margate braces. A beautiful long lace scarf cloak thrown over the shoulders, and caught up behind in a long loop of ribband, carefully suspended upon the right shoulder. Gloves of York tan, Shoes of white Morocco. Parasol of brown and green shot silk.”

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