Walking Dresses, July 1800

Fashions of London and Paris, July 1800.

“Walking Dresses”

It is interesting to note that the short jacket on the white ensemble is called a “wrapper” and not a spencer. It is unclear what the distinction was between wrapper and spencer. Perhaps it has to do with how it fastened?

Note the parasols are held at the top and not by the handle. The figure on the left has her finger through a ring at the top of her parasol. Many fashion prints throughout the Regency show such rings or fabric loops by which the parasol was to be held. Very seldom do we see closed parasols held by their handles.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Fig. 1. Pelisse of Nankeen coloured muslin, open at the sides and front, and trimmed with black lace. The bonnet of white muslin, trimmed with Nankeen coloured ribband.

“Fig. 2. Wrapper of cambric muslin reaching only to the waist, with long loose sleeves, trimmed with white lace. Bonnet of crape, and lilac ribband.”

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