Walking Dresses, July 1806

La Belle Assemblée, July 1806.

“Spring Fashions for 1806. Taken from the Walking Dresses in Kensington Garden, June 1806.”


The first ten months of this magazine (it began publication in February 1806) included only uncolored fashion prints. Starting with the November 1806 issue, the magazine came out in two formats: with uncoloured prints at 2s 6d per issue, or with hand-coloured prints at 3s 6d per issue.  I have an 1807 volume in which each print has one figure colored and one uncolored, and both volumes of 1808 where one print is colored and one uncolored for each month. No prices are given in these volumes. By 1809, all issues included hand-colored prints.

This print was only offered uncolored, but is still quite beautiful.

As with all issues of La Belle Assemblée, from the very first one, the section on fashion is titled for the next month. This print is from the June issue, but is part of the “Fashions for July” section. The provenance at the bottom of the print also dates it July 1806. To be consistent on this site, all La Belle Assemblée prints are dated based on the date at the bottom of the print.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“The first figure represents a lady in one of the last modern morning dresses which have appeared in all fashionable promenades. Her head is ornamented with a jockey bonnet, made of lilac-coloured silk; a bunch of fancy flowers is placed in front, and a large laced veil is fixed on the top; a part of the veil is formed into a bow, the remainder part of it suspends gracefully down the back. The gown is made of white muslin, trimmed round the neck with a full lace; a large brooch is placed in front; short sleeves looped up with a fancy ornament; white silk gloves; striped lilac shoes.

“The second figure represents a lady with a dome crown straw hat, turned up in front; a large ostrich feather hanging over the forehead. White muslin gown, apple green Poland mantlet, lilac gloves and shoes.”

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