MEASURES: Gentleman’s Full Dress 1810

Candice envisioned Geoffrey in full evening dress, with double-breasted tail coat, fancy waistcoat, high collared shirt, and breeches.

  • Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, April 1810.

    “Full Dress of a Gentleman.”

    As far as I know, this is the only fashion print of a gentleman ever published in the Repository of Arts. I’ve never seen another. Despite his rather slouchy posture, this fellow always seems rather handsome to me. Maybe because he’s such a rarity!

    The print is described in the magazine as follows:

    “Full Dress: Superfine corbeau colour coat, with covered buttons; white marcella waistcoat, single-breasted; light sage green, or cream coloured kerseymere breeches; also those of black Florentine silk are very fashionable and consistent in this style of dress. Dark blue coats, with plain gilt buttons, are also considered fashionable. The cravat is still worn high and full.”

    The odd-looking black thing he is holding is a chapeau bras, a black bicorn hat that was carried, for full and court dress, but almost never worn.

    This note follows in the magazine, though there is no corresponding print:

    “MORNING DRESS consists chiefly of dark-coloured mixed coats, with long waists, and narrow lappels and collars: the coat cut very high in the neck. Double-breasted striped waistcoats, formed of various materials, such as Marcella, buff kerseymere, &c. Ribbed kerseymere breeches, with high-top boots; also plain stocking pantaloons, with half-boots. Pearl buttons are a fashionable appendage to this style of male costume.”