Candice's Bio:

Although a fifth-generation Texan by birth (St. Joseph’s Hospital, Houston), Candice spent most of her childhood in Southern California and most of her adult life in San Francisco. She now lives in Minneapolis where she has learned to appreciate four distinct seasons, though not so much the capricious and often severe Midwestern weather. It’s an adventure!

Candice has been a voracious reader all her life. For many years she had been a devotee of Jane Austen, Fanny Burney, Maria Edgeworth, Susan Ferrier, and other women writers of the Regency period. When she discovered Georgette Heyer and the Regency Romance genre (not so very long ago — it is not clear how she remained ignorant of the Great Georgette for most of her life) she was instantly hooked. After a few years of reading Regency Romances by the bagful, she decided to try her hand at writing one.

Her first book, A Proper Companion, a traditional Regency romance, was published in January 1995. She went on to publish several more traditional short Regencies, and longer historical romances set during the Regency period. She has recently self-published much of her backlist as ebooks, and is currently working on a new traditional Regency, an ebook original.