Shades, Shadows, and Profiles: Silhouettes During the Time of Jane Austen

Candice will provide a short history of silhouettes, known as shades in Jane Austen’s time, and their various techniques (scissor cut, hollow-cut, painted). Some of the most famous professional “profile miniature” artists will be singled out, as well as a few famous amateurs, including the King’s daughter. The various Austen family silhouettes will be discussed, including two purported to be of Jane herself.

This presentation can be either in-person or virtual. Augmenting her presentation, for in-person events, Candice will bring many examples of silhouettes from her own collection to provide a closer look at some of these miniature treasures.

On display will be both silhouettes framed as pictures and mounted as pieces of jewelry. Magnifying glasses will be available for attendees to more closely examine the exquisite details of the smaller pieces.

Find out about painted silhouettes in Candice’s Regency World →

Many of Candice’s silhouettes, including the locket  shown above, were painted by the same artist who painted the famous silhouette of Jane Austen’s sister, Cassandra.


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