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Candice is a popular speaker on Regency and Jane Austen topics, especially related to fashion. She has given presentations to libraries, book groups, women’s clubs, college classes, and several Jane Austen organizations. Visit her presentations page for more information.


What Would a Lady Keep in Her Reticule?

At the 2020 conference of the Jane Austen Society of North America, Candice was asked to create 3 short videos about what a lady might have kept in her reticule, featuring items from her collections. The videos, along with associated blogs, are now posted on the public JASNA website.

New Regency Fashion and Accessories Updated Frequently

Regency Shoes1Follow Candice on Pinterest where she has boards on extant Regency fashion and accessories, updated frequently. For example, this pair of Regency shoes was recently pinned on the Georgian and Regency Shoes board.

Featured in Candice's Regency World

Evening Full Dress, October 1812

"Demi-train of pale amber, white satin body, made tight to the shape, and very low in the bosom, which is square, and trimmed round with a puffing of rich lace...

Ladies’ Pocket Books

Pocket Books served the purpose of the pre-cell phone Day Timer, where you would note appointments in the calendar, keep track of expenses, and perhaps tuck inside other notes, memos, papers, or...