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Merry Widows Series | Regency Rakes Trilogy | Country House Party Duo | Ladies' Fashionable Cabinet Trilogy

Merry Widows Series

This series of 3 books is about a group of respectable widows who act as patronesses for charity balls. Each of them is financially secure and has no desire to give up her independence as a widow. They vow to support one another against family or social pressures to marry again. But that does not mean they have to give up physical passion for the rest of their lives. So they agree to actively seek lovers. And not only that, but also to speak candidly about their experiences. Think: Sex and the City meets Almack's.

The book titles come from twisting the titles of popular Tin Pan Alley songs of the 1930s and 1940s: the first book twists the Cole Porter song, "In the Still of the Night," the second book twists another Cole Porter classic, "It Was Just One of Those Things," and the third looks to Gerswhin, twisting the pop standard, "Lady, Be Good."

By popular demand, a fourth Merry Widow got her own story in the novella "From This Moment On" in the anthology It Happened One Night. The eldest widow, with more worldly experience than the others, acts a mentor to her younger friends in the three books, In this novella, she gets her own happy ending.

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Regency Rakes Trilogy

These three books involve three best friends who went to school together. Now in their mid-30s, each has been on the Town for many years and gained a reputation as a rake. And, of course, each gives up his rakish ways when he meets the right woman. All are introduced in A Proper Companion, in which the hero is Robert, the Earl of Bradleigh, the most straight-arrow of the friends. Jack, the Marquess of Pemerton, is the most reckless and wild of the three and is the hero of A Change of Heart. Sedge, the Viscount Sedgewick, is the most boyish and friendly of the three, but the last to get his girl, in An Affair of Honor.

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Country House Party Duo

These two books are connected by the heroes, who are close friends. And each book takes place at the country estate of the hero during a house party. In A Garden Folly, the hero is Stephen, the Duke of Carlisle, who hides from the guests at the house party hosted by his mother. His best friend, Miles, the Earl of Srickland, loses the girl in A Garden Folly, but gets the girl in The Best Intentions during a house party at his own estate.

Books are shown in reading order, left to right.

Ladies' Fashionable Cabinet Trilogy

This series of 3 books involves a group of friends who work together on a fictional ladies' magazine, The Ladies' Fashionable Cabinet. All are introduced in Once a Dreamer, in which Simon, the hero, writes a column called The Busybody, as well as poetry and fiction. Edwina, the heroine of Once a Scoundrel, is the magazine's editor. Her brother, Nicholas, writes historical and biographical essays and is the hero of Once a Gentleman, in which the magazine's assistant editor, Prudence, also plays a key role.

Books are shown in reading order, left to right.