Behind the Scenes

The question writers are most often asked is where they get their ideas. Go “behind the scenes” of each of Candice’s books to find out what inspired her stories.

Behind the Scenes from
Just One of Those Flings

The hero of Just One of Those Flings has recently returned from several years in India. Learn about the research that went into his fictional diplomatic mission, as well as the special artistic passion he shares with Candice.

Behind the Scenes from
A Change of Heart

Both Jack and Mary were introduced (to readers, not to each other) in the previous book, A Proper Companion. Since that book had two perfectly gorgeous protagonists (a typical first book situation), I wanted these two to be less than perfect. So Mary is short, a bit on the plump side, and somewhat plain. Jack, who’s lived a hard life of debauchery, has a face that shows the results of all that high living – a bit craggy, a hint of dissipation.

The opening scene of this book, along with the backstories of Jack and Mary, popped into my head full blown shortly after I began writing A Proper Companion, so, I knew quite a bit about their characters as I wrote the first book. I couldn’t wait to get to their story.

No matter how many characters I have created since, none have stayed with me as long as Jack and Mary. I have spun complete histories for them – 5, 10, 20 years after the book ends.