Regency Fashion

Using fashion prints from her collection, Candice will provide an overview of the types of clothing worn during the time of Jane Austen. Candice will explore fashions for various occasions or activities, including day wear, evening wear, and specialty fashions such as court dress, riding habit, and mourning dress. Terms used the period — such as undress, half dress and full dress — will be explained and illustrated with prints. Popular types of outerwear will also be showcased, including pelisses, spencers, mantles, and shawls. The general evolution of style will also be discussed, including changing waistlines, hemlines, and trimmings.

Candice’s Powerpoint presentation uses lots and lots of beautiful images. She will also bring along binders filled with original fashion prints from all the popular Regency-period magazines, so attendees can see the actual prints shown in the Powerpoint presentation.