THRILL: Promenade Dress

Marianne is described, in Chapter 17, as wearing an ensemble that includes a Prussian hussar cloak of Sardinian blue velvet and matching Moorish turban hat.

  • Promenade Dress February 1813Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, February 1813.
    “Promenade or Morning Costume”

    This┬áprint was one of the first I bought years and years ago, and it has always been a favorite, especially as it includes an enormous muff, a Regency accessory I simply adore. I’m not sure why muffs were so big, but all of my prints that include a muff show them as huge. One has to wonder if there were pockets inside to hold things, as there is almost never a reticule shown when there is a muff.

    The print is described in the magazine as follows:

    “A plain cambric robe, made high in the neck, with plaited fan frill and long sleeves, finished at the bottom with a border of fancy tucks or needlework. A Prussian hussar cloak, of Sardinian blue velvet or superfine cloth; lined and edged with pink satin, and finished at the termination with a variegated ball fringe; large hood or cape, lined and trimmed to correspond; the points finished with rich cone tassels, and confined at the throat with the same. A Moorish turban hat, composed of Sardinian blue velvet and sable fur. A muff of spotted ermine. Blue kid half-boots; and gloves a pale tan color.”