Taft Art Museum, Cincinnati Endorsement

Candice was a fabulous speaker on Regency era fashion. Her expertise, paired with her natural flair, had our audience audibly gasping at each new revelation and smiling throughout the presentation. After the talk, guests commented how much they enjoyed the speaker and how her content provided complementary context for the Jane Austen movie adaptation costumes on view at the museum.

Fan Association of North America Endorsement

Candice gave a marvelous presentation on Regency fans from her collection. Our members enjoyed it so very much, and she did a terrific job giving us the background and history of each of her fans. One fan was more beautiful than the next—just jaw dropping!

AAWU Endorsement

Candice Hern both delighted and educated us with her presentation on Regency period fashion. She showcased numerous examples that taught us about Regency terms such as undress, half-dress, and full-dress, as well as the various types of day wear and evening wear.  Candice demonstrated enthusiasm and knowledge of the Regency period.  We look forward to having her speak again on another aspect of the Regency period.

JASNA-MN Endorsement

Candice’s informative talk about silhouettes in the time of Jane Austen was met with delight and enthusiasm by our members. Candice never fails to bring new perspectives to our understanding of the Regency era in which Jane Austen lived.

Mt. Dora Fest Endorsement

The Jane Austen Fest – Mount Dora welcomed Candice Hern to its 3rd Annual Fest.  With a fascinating collection of fashion prints from the Regency Era, Candice presented a colorful history of evolving clothing styles. The historical knowledge she provided was intriguing. Candice’s warm and friendly manner, along with her humor, had everyone looking at Regency wear in a whole new light.  Thank you Candice.