I am intrigued by the lover’s eyes in your collection. Where can I buy one?

eye5Of all the collections on this site, the lover’s eyes seem to fascinate people the most. I receive at least one email per week asking where to buy one. The only thing I can recommend is when buying expensive antiques of any kind, always work with reputable, trustworthy dealers. Lover’s eyes, in particular, are very expensive items. Genuine ones — and there are MANY fakes out there — seldom cost under $2500, and generally are much more than that. Be very cautious when buying one. I would not recommend buying one on eBay unless the seller offers a solid money-back guarantee. In general, a lover’s eye is something best purchased after closely examining it in person. I was at a large antique show recently where three very reputable dealers had eye brooches and lockets and rings available, ranging from $3000 to $10,000. So, even though they are fairly rare, they can still be found — for a price.