Hats, July 1816

La Belle Assemblée, July 1816.

“Parisian Promenade Hats”

Hats July 1816

Two years previous, bonnet crowns had reached enormous heights. By 1816 the crowns, while still fairly large, have less height, but are lavishly decorated. The brims, or pokes, have started to increase in size. In another two years, the pokes will be gigantic. This print was “borrowed” from the French publication Le Journal des Dames et des Modes, where it was published a few months previous. Here is how it was described in La Belle Assemblée:

“Parisian Hats: No. 1 represents straw hats, some having coloured silk crowns, some tied à la Marmotte, with silk or lace half handkerchiefs or with ribband; all ornamented with flowers formed of Indian corn and chicory, lilac intermingled with roses, or vine leaves intermingled with maiden hair. No. 2 represents the capote, or morning bonnet, made of clear muslin, ornamented with rich embroidery, fine lace, and white ribband.”

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