Evening Full Dress, May 1810

La Belle Assemblée, May 1810.

“Evening Full Dress.”

This middle period, approximately 1809-1811, shows waistlines moving up and down randomly. This dress shows a particularly low waistline for an evening dress, which is seen now and then in 1810, but not consistently. By late 1812, waistlines are consistently high.

Though they are not described as such, the long sleeves look as though they might be detachable. The gold trim throughout is quite pretty, especially along the scalloped hem.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A white satin, or fine India muslin, round dress, made short, and scolloped round the bottom, which is finished with a gold twist, made to sit very high over the neck; ornamented with a full ruck of white crape, or lace; long sleeve laced with gold twist, and small gold drop buttons, the sleeves scolloped to correspond with the bottom of the dress, and ornamented with a gold cord; a gold net, or Persian silk sash, encircles the waist. The hair divided on the front of the forehead, curled in ringlets on the left side of the face, and in small full curls on the right; a pearl band worn straight over the front of the forehead, with a gold clasp in the centre; the hind hair in very full curls, and confined with a pearl comb. Pearl earrings; white kid gloves; white satin shoes, with gold rosettes; tippet of white swansdown.”


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