Evening Full Dress, October 1812

La Belle Assemblée, October 1812.

“Evening Full Dress.”

An interesting trimming of puffed lace is used here, which is seldom seen in this period, and which must have been quite pretty in person.

She wears a quizzing glass, called simply a “glass” in the description, on a long chain. Men typically wore it on a ribbon, whereas on ladies it is almost always on a gold chain.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Demi-train of pale amber, white satin body, made tight to the shape, and very low in the bosom, which is square, and trimmed round with a puffing of rich lace; between every puff a white silk small Spanish button, which has an extremely elegant effect; an epaulet sleeve, very short and full, with a double trimming of puffed lace, ornamented also with Spanish buttons. White satin sash, finished at the ends with a rich white silk fringe. Topaz necklace and earrings; gold chain of very light and elegant workmanship, and a glass rather larger than have lately been worn. Hair divided on the forehead, and dressed very full on each temple, part of the front hair is brought over to the right side, and falls in loose ringlets on the neck; elegant half-wreath of artificial flowers composed of various coloured precious stones. White and silver fan; white kid gloves, and white satin slippers, with a plaiting of riband instead of rosettes.”

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