Hats, August 1809

Fashions of London and Paris, August 1809.

“Head Dresses.”

Each of these hats is described as made of chip. Chip straw was not actually made of straw, but of thin pieces of wood. Chip could be plaited or woven just like straw but was sturdier, less flexible. Once formed into a sort of basket in whatever shape was currently fashionable, it could be bleached or colored, then trimmed with as desired.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“No. 1.–A bonnet of white chip and riband; a white flower in front.

“No. 2.–A hat of chip, turned up on one side, and ornamented with flowers.

“No. 3.–A large Spanish hat of white chip, bound with blue, and trimmed with blue feathers.

“No. 4.–A close bonnet of white chip, with a silk crown; the bonnet trimmed with riband the color of the silk.

“No. 5.–A hat of white chip, bound and trimmed with coloured riband. A white feather on the left side.”

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