Hats, January 1807

Lady’s Monthly Museum, January 1807.

It is unusual to see prints of hats in this magazine, though prints focusing on hats were seen regularly in most of the other ladies’ magazines of this time. Here, the images are what were called half-lengths, often seen in the Fashions of London and Paris, where an outer garment or other element of the ensemble shown is also mentioned in the description.

In the description of the center figure, however, only the hat is described and nothing else, not even the fabulous muff.

The engraver, Robert Sands, signed this print.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Fig. 1. Straw Bonnet trimmed with Green Ribbon–Silk Pelisse of the same Colour–White Swansdown Tippet.

“Fig. 2. White Beaver Trafalgar Hat, with Faun-coloured Mantle.

“Fig. 3. A Lace Cap, ornamented with Crimson Velvet and White Swansdown.

“Fig. 4. A Cap of Rose-coloured Silk, trimmed with White Lace and Feathers–Cloak of the same.

“Fig. 5. Hair fashionably Dressed–White Sarsnet Gown, trimmed with White, embossed with Velvet–Buff Gloves.”


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