Figure 4

La Belle Assemblée
June 1812
“Ladies Riding Dress”

The prints is described in the magazine as follows:

“A habit of bright green ornamented down the front and embroidered at the cuffs √† la militaire with black. Small riding hat of black beaver fancifully adorned with gold cordon and tassels, with a long ostrich feather of green in the front; or a green hat with black tassels and black feather. [All painted black in the print.] Black half boots, laced and fringed with green. [Boots painted green in the print.] York tan gloves. When this dress is worn as a curricle or walking costume, it is made as a pelisse without the riding jacket, and confined round the waist by a fancy belt of black and green. This habit was made by Mr. S. Clark, 37 Golden Square.”