Sea Coast Promenade Dress, October 1809

La Belle Assemblée, October 1809.

“Sea Coast Promenade Fashion”

In the late summer and early fall, much of London society escaped to the seashore. Brighton was one of the most fashionable resorts, as it was a favorite of the Prince Regent. The Steine was a popular promenade in Brighton.

Although the model is shown, quite beautifully, on some sort of rocky shore, the print’s heading as well as the description mark it as a promenade dress seen on the Steine.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A DRESS WORN BY A LADY OF RANK ON THE STEINE AT BRIGHTON. A bonnet composed of yellow satin and lace, richly embossed with leopard spots in deep orange; the front in the tiara form, bound with green figured ribband; a band of the same confines the crown, and ties in a bow behind; a long lace veil thrown back; a robe of yellow craped muslin, made to sit tight to the figure, confined at the bosom and down the front with knots of green ribband, bound round the neck and ornamented round the bottom with three rows of the same; long sleeves, with small lace ruffles hemmed to correspond; a lace  tucker, fastened on the bosom with an Egyptian pebble. A zephyr cloak of rich lace, falling in long points to the feet, finished with silk tassels, sloped up in the form of a jacket behind, meeting at the bosom and on the shoulders, confined with graceful negligence to the form by a sash of green ribband. Yellow Morocco sandals; gloves of York tan.”

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