Walking Dress, April 1811

La Belle Assemblée, April 1811.

“Walking Dress.”

This is a gorgeous mantle that must have been very striking in person. And this is an extraordinary print. A close examination of the actual print, or of a high-resolution scan of the print, shows the mantle’s texture in a way that is pretty amazing for a 2D image. (Difficult to see here, but trust me, it is beautifully rendered.)

Love the turban! And note that she carries a quizzing glass.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Round dress of cambric muslin, with a ruff collar, trimmed round the bottom with narrow purple ribband; cassimere [ie cashmere] crimson mantle, confined close to the back, lined with purple silk, embroidered round the neck, cape, and sides with purple fancy border; a deep cape falling from the shoulders, sloping to a narrow point, with tassels. A crimson velvet, turban front, and trimmed with purple to correspond. York tan gloves. Yellow kid boots.”

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