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The Best Intentions

All Saints Church, Brixworth

There is no such church as St. Biddulph’s in Northamptonshire. In fact, there is no such saint as Biddulph — I just liked the name! The church in the story was, however, modeled after a real church: All Saints Church in Brixworth, Northamptonshire. It is one of the few remaining examples of Saxon architecture in England. Though parts of the current church were built in the 10th, 13th, and 19th centuries, there are still 7th century elements intact. This was the perfect style of church to stir Hannah’s passion for Saxon architecture.

The fictional Epping Hall, the hero’s estate, was inspired by several great houses, but Wilton House in Wiltshire was the primary model. Like Wilton, the fictional Epping Hall was designed by Inigo Jones. As the guests gather in the drawing room before dinner on the first night, picture them in a room very similar to Wilton’s famous Double-Cube Room.

Double-Cube Room, Wilton House

This book was conceived as a result of reader mail from the previous book, A Garden Folly. Miles was a secondary character in AGF and many people wrote to me asking if he was going to get his own story. As I wrote AGF I never had it in my mind to write a book for Miles.

So, you see? Readers CAN have an impact! Keep those cards and letters (or tweets and emails) coming!

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