What Would a Lady Carry in Her Reticule?

In this presentation, which can be either virtual or in-person, Candice will explain what a reticule was (called a ridicule during the Regency), how and why it developed during the Regency as an early version of the modern day purse, how they were made, and what Regency ladies might have carried in them. Expanding on the short videos Candice made in 2020, this presentation will provide a more comprehensive survey of items that might have been carried in a reticule, including calendars, cosmetics, coin purses, fans, vinaigrettes, various étuis, portable writing sets, handkerchiefs, pins, sewing kits, and more. Candice does not collect reticules, but she does collect many of the items that might have been carried in them, and these items will be included in the PowerPoint presentation. For in-person presentations, items from Candice’s collection will be on display for the audience to view up close.