Walking Dress Outer Garments and Bonnets, June 1801

Fashions of London and Paris, June 1801.

“London Dresses.”

This small inexpensive magazine provided several types of prints: full-length figures, head-dresses only, head-dresses with a single half-length figure, and a group of half-length figures. This print of “Four Half Lengths” features outer garments worn with walking dresses, and bonnets.

Each figure wears a different type of outer garment: a spencer, a spencer cloak, a pelisse, and a handkerchief cloak. Study the figures to understand the difference between each of these garments.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“No. 1.–Spencer of lilac silk, trimmed round the waist with very deep lace. The sleeves long and full; the collar and bottoms of the sleeves trimmed with black lace. [No description of the bonnet provided.]

“No. 2.–Spencer cloak of white muslin trimmed all round. Bonnet of white muslin, with white rose in front.

“No. 3.–“Short pelice of lilac muslin, trimmed with black lace.–Spanish hat of chip, ornamented with a red nose.

“No. 4.–A handkerchief cloak of white muslin, trimmed all round.–A straw bonnet, turned up in front, and lined and trimmed with lilac.”


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