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Candice is a popular speaker on Regency and Jane Austen topics, especially related to fashion. She has given presentations to libraries, book groups, women’s clubs, college classes, and several Jane Austen organizations. Her most popular topics include Regency fashion, Regency accessories, mourning practices in the time of Jane Austen, and many more. Visit her presentations page for more information. And see what people are saying about her talks.  Contact Candice for her availability.

Have You Visited Candice’s Regency Collections?

Candice is a passionate collector of Georgian and Regency period antiques, and shares many of her collections here on this site, including fashion prints, fans, jewelry, silhouettes, perfume bottles, and many others. She also shares items from her collections on Instagram. Follow her!

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Morning Walking Dress, September 1798

"The two Figures at the top represent the most fashionable Morning Head Dresses for the Present Month...

Georgian Stock Buckles

Stock buckles were worn at the back of the neck to hold in place the starched or stiffened stock worn by gentlemen through most of the 18th...